Goodwill Brands is a woman-founded, CPG company acquisition and idea accelerator platform.

We are entrepreneurs that have delivered more than $700 million in aggregate revenue and more than $700 million in exits, distributions and realized shareholder value. We are pioneers and authorities in skincare, wellness and ingestible beauty. We have a global track record of successfully developing and bringing to market brands omnichannel, retail door and DTC products.

Through machine learning and the analysis of historical customer interactions we deliver optimization and inject the customer journey with a high level of personalization. Our tech is the underpinning of our success – because our tech spots trends, de-risks inventory misses and lessens the need for cash and ‘slow turn’ inventory.

The omnichannel ‘leg of our stool’ has deep retail roots and tested retail door operating models. The products we created and launched are distributed across more than 45,000 doors. In our slice of the market, our reach is unparalleled.

Our company was born from the belief that, in addition to generating shareholder value, there is a greater mission and a giveback opportunity to inclusively sponsor young women to pursue and execute their entrepreneurial dreams. We believe the virtuous circle of business and entrepreneurship is one in which a greater tide lifts all boats.

Artwork by Juan Fontanive